Assisted Living Lifetime Achievement Award

Assisted living and personal care homes were once just a dream long ago for a young man, Mr. Jack Simpson. His inspiration began in high school while watching a dear friend’s grandmother care for the elderly in her home. His dreams began to grow and turn into plans. These plans became a reality by building right in his backyard, in the city he loved and the neighborhood he knew so well since growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The first doors opened in 1962. This facility is still thriving today, along with five other facilities, all within the state of Kentucky. He prides himself on having beautiful, well-maintained facilities, compassionate and dedicated staff, and happy and loved residents in all facilities.

His hard work, dedication, and love of people have not gone unnoticed in the senior living community of Kentucky.  Mr. Jack Simpson was honored to receive the KSLA (Kentucky Senior Living Association) 2020 Provider Member Lifetime Achievement Award. This award signifies a lifetime of contributions to the Senior Living Industry.

To sum up the life, love, and achievements of Mr. Jack Simpson is to say, “The nerve to think differently. The courage to break traditions. The will to overcome barriers. There are people who possess this mentality and who, over the years, have altered the world.” This is his dream, his reality, his life.