Halloween at Fern Terra Assisted Living in Owensboro, Kentucky

Halloween was enjoyed by many of the residents of Fern Terra at a party hosted by the staff and management at the Assisted Living Facility on West First Street in Owensboro, Kentucky, many of whom came in costume. Ruth Harrison, dressed as a nun, was chosen by her fellow residents as the winner of first prize in the costume contest, although several witches were worthy of special mention. Other costumes were also interesting. At least twenty residents attended the gala along with several staff members some of whom were also in costume.

​The food was delicious and in keeping with the holiday spirit. ‘Buckets of bones’ included both ribs and chicken wings; pizza was available with all kinds of ‘scary toppings; fresh fruits and vegetables were ready to be ‘skewered’ by the diners and Rice Krispy Treats were colored and fashioned to resemble ‘raw meat.’

​Decorations were both decorative and imaginative such as motion-activated laughing skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, and flowers. ‘Trick or treat bags of candy were given to everyone.

​Come join us at Fern Terra. First, second, and third-floor apartments are currently available.